Same Day Dentures

Save Time With Same Day Dentures For Oklahoma City OK

Upholding optimal dental hygiene when you have dentures can require a lot of effort and time. Dentures also cause the well known embarrassing happenstances — dentures falling out, a family member showing off your cleaning glass (complete with soaking dentures), dentures getting stuck in your food, etc. Dentures are inarguably a hassle, so wouldn’t it be nice to have some sort of technology that does away with the hassle and embarrassment of traditional dentures? Thankfully clients near Oklahoma City OK now have options. We offer our Oklahoma City patients a permanent dentures solution – the incredible All On Four® dental implant dentures.

Permanent Dentures Treatment

Same day dentures solution is basically dental implant-supported dentures. Permanent dentures, or bridges, are attached directly to four dental implants, resulting in a firmly anchored, beautiful and naturally functioning new smile. No more foul tasting adhesives. No more embarrassing incidents. No more maintenance hassles. The all on four permanent dentures treatment is truly a game-changing solution that patients near Oklahoma City OK really love!

Dentures with implants are also called same day dentures because the entire procedure of attaching the permanent dentures to your mouth can be done in a single dentist’s appointment! You can practically head to our Oklahoma City office in the morning, and before lunch is over, you’ll have a gorgeous new smile with the assistance of permanent dentures attached to the dental implants. That is why patients from  the Oklahoma City OK area love our same day dentures.

Reasons Patients in Oklahoma City OK Consider Permanent Dentures:

  • Bone Structure Preservation | Due to the fact that all on four permanent dentures are implant-supported dentures, the structure of your face is better preserved. The “saggy face” that arises from using traditional dentures is partially avoided with our same day dentures.
  • No Food Restrictions | Since same day dentures are extremely durable and sturdy, you can eat all your favorite foods without the worry of the dentures suddenly moving out of place and/or falling out or go to your favorite restaurants in the Oklahoma City OK community.
  • Rapid Treatment | As the name suggests, same day dentures can literally be created and placed in just a single day. You may come into our Oklahoma City office feeling disappointed about traditional dentures but leave with a huge, permanent grin on your face.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Oklahoma City dentists Dr. Phan and Dr. Murray’s office right now to take advantage of the permanent dentures solutiondental implant dentures. Call our office to schedule your same day dentures appointment! Now serving Oklahoma City OK and surrounding areas!