Multiple Tooth Replacement

stalder_denturesIn a time when looking good on the outside contributes a lot to feeling nice about yourself on the inside, it can be very important to always have a beautiful smile to share. A nice set of pearly whites is not only easy on everyone’s eyes, but they also give you a lot of confidence and even make it easier for you to do everyday activities — like eating, smiling, chewing, laughing, etc.

Having a complete set of teeth is also beneficial for your health. Multiple dental studies have shown that the vacant spaces in your mouth caused by missing teeth can make your teeth even more susceptible to decay and your gums more vulnerable to diseases. Furthermore, missing teeth can also cause your other teeth to shift and alter your overall facial structure.

Implant Supported Dental Bridge

The dental bridge is a common multiple tooth replacement solution for missing teeth. As the name suggests, dental bridges “bridge” the gaps caused by missing teeth by filling them with artificial teeth. This multiple tooth replacement option is natural-looking and is supported by dental implants. The dental bridge is a great multiple tooth replacement solution for people who have damaged or missing teeth that are looking to make their smiles whole again.

Dental bridges supported by implants also help prevent your jawbone tissue from deteriorating. Traditional dentures can cause your gums and bones to recede, leaving you with a distorted and unappealing smile. In contrast, dental implants fuse with your jaw bone tissue, helping to keep the natural structure of your face healthy and intact.

stalder_dentures1Multiple Individual Implants

The gaps in your smile may not be in all one place. In this multiple tooth replacement case individual implants and crowns might be a the perfect solution to close the gaps and restore your dental health.